CVS to workers: You must be tobacco-free and you must sell tobacco

CVS is telling employees they must be tobacco-free by May 1, 2014, yet continues to sell tobacco in its stores.   While it’s admirable to want to improve employee health, shouldn’t the customers’ health also matter to pharmacies?

CVS to workers:  Tell us how much you weigh or it’ll cost you $600 a year

Infographic: America’s Most Wanted Tobacco Villains

Take a look at the usual suspects and the new villains in this infographic by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

America’s Most Wanted Tobacco Villains

Capital Region colleges get ‘A’ for snuffing out smoking

Colleges get ‘A’ grade for snuffing out smoking

Bloomberg’s plan to put cigarettes out of public sight and prevent youth smoking

Already being done in several countries including Canada, Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to put cigarettes out of public sight would be the first in the nation.  Studies have shown that cigarette displays act as cues to smoke, even among those not explicitly intending to buy cigarettes, and those trying to avoid buying cigarettes.

Bloomberg in new push to snuff out cigarette displays in stores

Secondhand smoke exposure riskier than cholesterol

A new study indicates that people who are heavily exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke are 90% more likely to have coronary plaque compared with the general population.

Secondhand smoke exposure linked to signs of heart disease

Tobacco companies tipping the scales in their fiscal favor with kitty litter in cigars

Tobacco firms save $1 billion with kitty litter in cigars

Dollar Tree shuns selling tobacco

Unlike competitors, Dollar General and Family Dollar who recently began rolling out tobacco to its stores, Dollar Tree will not sell tobacco because in the words of CEO Sasser “It’s bad for you, and also bad for our margins”.

Dollar Tree Post Q4 Gains, Shuns Tobacco

C. Everett Koop, “rock star” surgeon general and smoke-free advocate, dies

Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop called for a smoke-free society and spawned public policy change through his landmark report on secondhand smoke.   R.I.P.

C. Everett Koop, “rock star” surgeon general dies

Banning smoking in restaurants and bars has led to better food, more families eating out and a boost to business

Rather than hurt business, laws prohibiting smoking in restaurants and bars have led to healthier, tastier culinary outings for the whole family.  Thanks to the Clean Indoor Air Act of 2003, this has been true in New York for almost 10 years.

Gone is the smoke, replaced by the kids

Scotland’s ban on tobacco displays takes effect in April

As of April 29, open displays of tobacco in large shops will be prohibited in Scotland.   Smaller retailers will be given more time to implement the ban.  Reason behind legislation:  To prevent youth from taking up smoking.

Date set for tobacco display and vending machine bans in Scotland