E-cig ad: Don’t miss your kid’s first “Gangnam Style” step while you’re out killing yourself with a smoke

Right out of the tobacco industry playbook, electronic cigarette company uses a cute baby to sell its product in the U.K.

Baby perfects Gangnam Style Moves in Ad for Electronic Cigarettes

Baby cigarette ad

Health groups urge Cuomo to back off cutting effective tobacco control programs


Anti-smoking groups assail budget


Tenants want to breathe smoke-free air in their own homes

Smoke-free policies in apartments have increased 1300% in last 6 years. Why? Tenants want to live in healthier home environment.

Landlords make effort to protect tenants from secondhand smoke



Study finds graphic warning labels effective at reaching those most burdened by tobacco use

This explains the tobacco industry’s opposition to FDA-approved warning labels.

Graphic Warnings on Cigarettes Effective Across Demographic Groups


“Women who smoke like men die like men”: new study finds death rates among female smokers converging with those of men.

Two new studies demonstrate both that smoking remains an enormous public health problem in the U.S. and the huge health benefits of reducing tobacco use.
New England Journal of Medicine Studies Find Huge Health Benefits to Quitting Smoking

Rolling the Dice on Tobacco Use Infographic

Financial neglect and deceit stacks the deck against our kids and gambles with their lives.  State of Tobacco Control 2013 – Infographic: Rolling the Dice on Tobacco Use.

Pharmacy tobacco sales banned in Cape Cod town – when will it happen in New York?

Massachusettes now has about 50 municipalities with tobacco-free pharmacies.  Which town or city in New York will be the first to get tobacco out of all health care institutions?  Pharmacy tobacco sales banned in Barnstable | CapeCodOnline.com.

New York gets an “F” for failing to invest in tobacco use prevention

New York Doesn’t Make the Grade in Tobacco Report – WETM 18 Online.

Coke takes lead from tobacco industry: deflect, deceive and dodge

Coca-Cola’s New Obesity Commercials Taste Like Desperation.

Art? Or just a really bad idea?

Frieke Janssens: Smoking Kids fictionalizes childhood smoking (PHOTOS)..