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CDTFC welcomes contacts from journalists and reporters and is prepared to provide wide-ranging information on community-based efforts to reduce the harms associated with tobacco use. This page is provided specifically to assist the working media.

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In the 2012 Report on Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adults, the U.S. Surgeon General sounds the alarm for communities to respond to youth tobacco use by addressing the causes, including tobacco industry marketing to young people. There is a growing body of research establishing that the more tobacco marketing kids see, the more likely they are to smoke. The Capital District Tobacco-Free Coalition is working to prevent youth smoking initiation by decreasing the harmful effects of tobacco marketing on young people.

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Tobacco-Free Outdoorstulip_sticker_small

More than 82% of Capital District region residents believe our children should be able to play on public playgrounds that are tobacco-free—including three out of every four current smokers.

The Young Lungs at Play Campaign wants to protect children from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke and decrease the odds that they themselves will become the next generation of smokers.

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Tobacco-Free Worksites

More than 71% of Capital District region residents believe that areas around bulding entry ways should be tobacco-free—including more than half of all current smokers. The Clean Indoor Air Act IAA sets minimum standards, but employers can do more.

This campaign helps employers develop and promote tobacco-free plans for their outdoor grounds and entryways.

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Smoke-Free Housing

Smoke-free buildings save money, attract tenants, protect lives and property, and can safeguard against liability.

CDTFC provides assistance to landlords, property owners, tenants and realtors to increase the availability of smoke-free living for Capital Region residents.

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