What YOU can do

New York State’s young people have been mobilizing to protest tobacco marketing and to raise awareness of its impact on teen smoking. They’ve created YouTube videos, participated in media events, visited their local legislators, and collected petition signatures. There’s even a web page, SeenEnoughTobacco, to further their campaign.

If you’ve seen enough tobacco marketing to kids, there are lots of ways you can help!



Be a supporter

Sign a petition to end tobacco marketing to kids.

Be a connector

Invite us to speak to groups you belong to — a civic group, faith community, youth organization, community service team, etc. — to help us connect with interested community members. Call 518-459-2388 or contact us online.

Be an ambassador

Bring our mobilization tools (postcards, declarations of support) to groups you belong to and ask members to sign them in support.

Friend and Follow

Friend us on Facebook so you’ll have our latest updates and action alerts and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Speak out

Join our Action Team to be on tap for one or more advocacy activities including writing letters to the editors of local papers, providing public comment at local government meetings, tabling and educating at community events.


Notice the tobacco product displays where you shop and talk to others about what you see.

Learn more

Visit the Public Health and Tobacco Policy Center and CounterTobacco.org  to learn more.