We can stop tobacco marketing to kids.Here’s how.

The Capital District Tobacco-Free Coalition is one of 50 community partners statewide working to decrease the harmful effects of tobacco marketing on young people. Many countries throughout the world (including Canada, England, and Australia) have already made significant progress and their successes encourage us to pursue the following solutions:

Cover up tobacco products in retail stores

Tobacco companies aren’t going to stop marketing to young people because the future of their business depends on cultivating new (aka, young) smokers. But covering up tobacco in retail stores reduces the tobacco companies’ ability to market to kids and has been implemented successfully in Canada and several other countries across the globe.

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Look at the difference!
Tobacco products are available for sale to legal-aged adults, but
“Out of sight and out of mind” for kids and for people trying to quit.

Covering up tobacco is easy, inexpensive, and has been successfully implemented in many places across the globe including Iceland, Canada, Thailand, Ireland, Norway, England, Wales, Scotland, Australia and Finland.

And it works!

Research in countries that have had display bans for a measurable period of time, have lower smoking rates to show for it:

  • In Iceland the prevalence of daily smoking among 15 year olds fell from 18.6% in 1999 prior to the cigarette display ban to 13.6%% in 2003, two years after the law came into effect.
  • In Canada, banning point of sale displays in a growing number of provinces has coincided with a fall in smoking prevalence rates among 15 to 19 year olds – from 22% in 2002 to 13% in 2009. (Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey 2007, Health Canada)
  • In Ireland, following the implementation of a ban in 2009, teenagers were less likely to believe that they could buy cigarettes (1) and the proportion of young people believing that more than a fifth of children their age smoked decreased from 62% to 46%. (2)

(1) Office of Tobacco Control, Annual Report 2010, March 2010

(2) McNeill A et al. Evaluation of the removal of point of sale tobacco promotional displays in Ireland. Tobacco Control (2010). doi:10.1136/tc.2010.038141

Covering up tobacco displays is a good way to reduce tobacco marketing to kids. But it’s not the only way.

End the sale of tobacco in pharmacies

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No doctor would ever prescribe tobacco. so why do pharmacies sell it?

Learn more about the movement to end the sale of tobacco in pharmacies


Eliminate Price Discounts and Coupons

discount-postcard-1According to the Surgeon General, raising the price of tobacco products is one of the most effective strategies for reducing initiation, decreasing consumption, and increasing cessation. While raising excise taxes is the gold standard for raising the price of tobacco products, other non-tax opportunities exist for states and communities facing political barriers to excise tax increases. Read more here.


albanyDo not allow tobacco retailers to be located near schools

There is currently one tobacco retailer for every 194 children in New York State with far too many of them located in close proximity to schools.


Reduce the number of tobacco retailers overall

albany, tobacco retailer density, tobacco retailers near schools

Each blue and purple dot represents a tobacco retailer and each red triangle a school, all in the city of Schenectady.


The higher the number of tobacco retailers in a particular area, the higher the smoking rate of adults and teens. Reducing the number of tobacco retailers in communities that curently have a particularly high number would help reduce the impact of tobacco marketing and subsequently, the smoking rate.






Local Government Resolutions


to the ALBANY AND SCHENECTADY COUNTY LEGISLATURES for unanimous passage of Resolutions encouraging tobacco retailers to reduce or eliminate tobacco advertising in their stores.

Thank you, too, to the following municipalities for passing similar Resolutions.

Contact YOUR local legislators and encourage them to support a resolution to reduce or eliminate tobacco advertising in retail stores in your community. To help you find out who your county, town, village, or city legislators are, visit the New York State Local Government website.

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