Youth Engagement

Why involve youth?

Young people benefit greatly from living in a tobacco-free community. The entire community has a stake in tobacco-free living, but young people may have the most to gain by making their neighborhoods healthier places to live, learn, work and play.

Young people can be catalysts for change. . .and often are.  Youth perspectives and experiences are too often missing from the conversations that determine what their community will look like. But when young people step up and speak up, people notice and decision-makers listen.

Making change takes energy and youth have plenty of it.  The natural exuberance, passion and curiosity of young people is often the spark that keeps social progress moving forward.

We believe that good starts young.  We want to encourage young people and give them the tools they need to make a  positive difference.

What’s in it for youth?

Skill-building  Involvement in local activism strengthens leadership, critical thinking and collaboration skills.

Social  and community connections — Working together with others toward a mutual goal is a great way to make friends and develop relationships with all sorts of people outside of the school community.

Personal power — Every person has the capacity to make a positive difference. It’s empowering to discover and use one’s unique talents and interests to make the world a better place.

Fun! —  We insist on having fun for two reasons. 1) Making change is hard. Having fun makes overcoming obstacles and facing disappointments  a whole lot easier. 2) We like to have fun.

What kinds of activities do youth get involved with?

Our youth-adult partnerships have accomplished amazing things in the Capital Region, including tobacco-free parks and a local law to keep tobacco retailers away from schools. Every neighborhood is different and every youth group is unique, so you never know what great activity ideas will be next.

Check out these examples of activities past to see what local youth have been working on.




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