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You have most likely seen this little face on billboards across the capital region. Click here for the whole story on the state-wide ad campaign. If your city, town or village does not have tobacco free parks or playgrounds contact us or sign this Declaration of Support to express your commitment to your elected officials!

New York Public Health Law prohibits smoking on all public playgrounds

Article 13-E § 1399-o-1, effective October 10, 2013,  prohibits smoking between sunrise and sunset at all playgrounds in New York when one or more children under age 12 are present.  The law also requires the prominent posting of signage. Local municipalities retain the authority to expand these provisions and many have done so to include sport fields, swimming pools, and beaches. Some have even made their parks tobacco-free from curb-to-curb, prohibiting tobacco use in the parks at any time.

Who supports tobacco-free parks and playgrounds?

More than 81% of Capital District region residents believe our children should be able to young-lungs-med
play on public playgrounds that are tobacco-free—including three out of every four current smokers
(Based on the Capital District 2013 Community Tobacco Survey)

More than 400 municipalities in New York State have adopted tobacco-free policies for their parks, pools and playgrounds, including several right here in the Capital Region:


What can be done to make parks and playgrounds tobacco-free?

If you and your children would like to help make the parks and playgrounds where you play tobacco-free, join our Smoke-Free Parks & Playgrounds Email Action Team.

The Capital District Tobacco-Free Coalition invites all cities, towns and villages in Albany, Schenectady and Rensselaer counties to participate in Young Lungs at Play, a statewide initiative to eliminate children’s exposure to secondhand smoke at public parks and playgrounds. The Coalition can assist municipalities and parks directors to:

  • Develop a local law, ordinance, policy or resolution that prohibits all forms of tobacco use in parks and playgrounds or specific areas within the town or village;
  • Develop an enforcement plan that includes signage; and/or
  • Develop a plan to notify and educate park and playground staff as well as the general public.

For more information or to participate in Young Lungs at Play, contact Theresa Zubretsky at Theresa.Zubretsky @ or 459-2388 x 229.

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