What is Tobacco Marketing?

“From the 1950s to the present, different defendants, at different times and using different methods, have intentionally marketed to young people under the age of twenty-one in order to recruit ‘replacement smokers’ to ensure the economic future of the tobacco industry.”

– U.S. District Court Judge Gladys Kessler Final Opinion, United States v. Philip Morris

These “replacement smokers” include 10,600 new smokers under the age of 18 every year. Tobacco companies still spend more than a half million dollars every day in New York State to grow that number.

But by exposing the tobacco industry’s current marketing strategies, we can stop them in their tracks.

Tobacco Industry Marketing: Making products sweet, cheap and easy to get

To successfully recruit new young smokers and keep as many current smokers as possible, tobacco companies need to keep their deadly products affordable, accessible and attractive. Understanding how they do that means taking a closer look at how they manipulate what is known as the Four P’s of marketing: Product Price, the Product itself, Promotion strategies and Place of sale.