It’s Not Just Menthol Campaign

Our latest media campaign is focusing on the disproportionate impact of menthol-flavored tobacco products among certain groups.




Throughout New York State and across the country, apartment owners have begun to embrace
a no-smoking policy as an amenity they can provide for their residents.


As of May 2017, more than 500 New York municipalities have adopted tobacco-free
outdoor area policies (20 in the Capital District) and the list is growing.


Tobacco companies spend more than $9.5 billion on retail marketing and promotion every 
year, more than the amount spent to market junk food, soda, and alcohol combined.


Our youth-adult partnerships have accomplished amazing things in the Capital Region,
including tobacco-free parks and a local law to keep tobacco retailers away from schools.


Across the state, community partners have worked with nearly 500 organizations and
businesses to go tobacco-free, including many here in the Capital District.


World No Tobacco Day 2023

World No Tobacco Day 2023

Today (May 31) is World No Tobacco Day. This year's theme is Grow Food, Not Tobacco. The World Health Organization (WHO) is focusing on how tobacco growing harms our health, the health of farmers, and the health of our planet.  According to WHO, the tobacco industry is contributing to the global food crisis. Some reasons include:  Scarcity of quality land. Quality land is increasingly being used for tobacco growing in low- and middle-income countries, reducing the amount of land that could be used for crops to nourish people. Limited choice of alternatives. Choices of alternative crops are sometimes limited due to absence of strong assured markets as compared to the tobacco market, as well as of government support to transition away from tobacco growing. Degrading of soil. The tobacco plant...

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Smoke- and vape-free parks save lungs, lives and the planet

Smoke- and vape-free parks save lungs, lives and the planet

The City of Schenectady became the most recent Capital District community to pass a local law that will help save lungs, lives and the planet by prohibiting smoking and vaping of both tobacco and cannabis in all city parks. Inhaling secondhand smoke from tobacco and cannabis, and secondhand aerosols from e-cigarettes isn’t just an annoyance; it’s a health hazard. Tobacco and cannabis smoke and vape aerosols all contain chemicals known to cause cancer in humans. For people with asthma and certain other chronic conditions, even brief exposure can have serious and life-threatening consequences. Cigarette butts, the most littered item in the world, are non-biodegradable and toxic to animals, people and the environment. E-cigarette waste may pose an even greater danger. Disposable vapes and the pods used in reusable devices, contain remnants...

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Take Down Tobacco Day 2023

Take Down Tobacco Day 2023

Today is Take Down Tobacco Day! This annual day of action sponsored by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, empowers people to stand up and speak out against the tobacco industry.  Our Reality Check program teamed up with the SADD club members at Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk High School to raise awareness about how tobacco companies try to attract youth with brightly-colored packaging, sweet flavors and inexpensive products, often selling them in stores near schools, parks, and playgrounds. We are proud to stand with the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and thousands of young people across the country to say we've seen enough flavored tobacco products and tobacco marketing in our communities. To learn more about Take Down Tobacco Day visit:

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You don’t have to do it alone.