On Tuesday, March 23 at 7:15pm, Albany County residents are invited to voice their opinions on Albany County proposed local law “I” which would prohibit smoking and vaping in indoor common areas of multiple unit dwellings and within 5 feet of any outdoor ventilation intake.  To read more about the law, visit the Albany County website.

Public hearings are currently being held remotely but all are welcome to participate.  Two ways to do that:

While the stated purpose of the law is “to protect the public health and welfare of residents of Albany County”, the measure can also protect the health of those working in multi-unit buildings.  In 2017, New York State expanded its Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) to prohibit vaping in all public and private indoor workplaces in which smoking was already prohibited.  This change extended protection for workers and the public from exposure to harmful e-cigarette aerosols as well as secondhand smoke.  While the CIAA covers common areas of multi-unit housing when it is a place of employment, many apartment buildings do not actively enforce smoke-free common area rules.  Local Law “I” strengthens and goes beyond the state law by requiring written notice, posting of signage and penalties for violations.  It also prohibits smoking and vaping near outdoor ventilation intake. Everyone deserves to work and live in a smoke-free environment.  Local Law “I” would create healthier places for those working and living in multi-unit housing in Albany County. 

Visit our Smoke-Free Housing page for more info.