CDTFC is proud to announce the launch of our new video series, Community Spotlight, in which we’ll share stories from Capital District residents about the role tobacco has played in their lives or neighborhoods. Our first spotlight is on Tammy Miller who lives in Albany.


Tammy and her family directly suffered from the tobacco industry’s aggressive and successful marketing of menthol cigarettes to the Black community. She began smoking at a young age and was also exposed to secondhand smoke from her parents, who were both smokers. Tobacco use exacted an enormous toll on their health.

Tammy’s story is all too common and an important one to tell. In New York State, 86% of Black smokers use menthol as compared to 36% of white smokers. Menthol makes it harder to quit which helps explain why, even though African Americans smoke less than white smokers, they die more from tobacco-related diseases.

Thank you, Tammy, for sharing your personal story and partnering with us to educate about the harms of tobacco use. 

You can follow our entire Community Spotlight series on our YouTube Channel.