Tobacco ads and displays are so ubiquitous, most non-smoking adults don’t even notice them. But once you DO notice, you’ll wonder how you could possibly have missed them. Noticing how pervasive and aggressive tobacco marketing is also makes it easier to understand why it has such a profound impact on adult and youth tobacco use.

That’s why we chose to summarize the findings from our most recent round of Licensed Tobacco Retailer store observations into a visual tour of what tobacco marketing and promotion actually looks like in the City of Albany’s highest poverty neighborhoods. These neighborhoods have a disproportionate number of tobacco retailers as compared to lower poverty neighborhoods and that means there is also a disproportionate presence of tobacco marketing and promotion. In addition to tobacco product displays that typically take up more than half of the space directly behind the checkout counter, there is a significant amount of interior and exterior tobacco advertising, and widespread availability and affordability of flavored tobacco products.

Check out the report: City of Albany Licensed Tobacco Retailer Observations: Summary of Findings, July 2023

If you’re alarmed at what you learn, please join our efforts to reduce the impact of tobacco marketing in our community. Contact us today!