Capital District Reality Check youth responded to the May 31 World No Tobacco Day call to action to “step in and speak out” about the predatory tactics of the tobacco industry with a newly released video.  RC member interviews with their high school teachers, school administrators and fellow students shed light on the problem of youth vaping and how disruptive it is to the school day and to the learning environment.

Even though NYS banned the sale of flavored vapes containing nicotine in 2020, it’s still easy for underage youth to get them because of loopholes in the law which pose obstacles to effective enforcement.

Learn more about the loopholes and what’s being done about them.

Learn more about vaping:  What everyone should know about vaping.

Kudos to Capital District RC members for their efforts to prevent youth nicotine addiction by keeping flavored vapes out of the hands of young people.

Video below or watch the extended version.